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Session 0 weekly question

Weekly question explained

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GM: What is your character’s biggest sin, which is haunting it even today?


Ha! Easily answered.
It was quite a while back when I was just a teenager.
Ammm, yeah. It was….ammm. Er,
It was…. many years ago…..?


it’s on the tip of my tongue!

Damn it! why can’t I remember? I remember the trees vividly. I remember the blood stains. So much blood. Dripping from the trees. That copper smell. Pooling on the forest floor, soaking into the dirt….

Why can’t I remember?!!
Damn it!

Session 0 weekly question

Mechnar smiled and ordered another pint of ale. It was a dark and cold night, but he felt pretty warm, inside the fire lit tavern. Or maybe all the ale in his stomach was warming him up.
It was a good day. His theater team performed well, the audience were cheering up, and so did Mechnar, after he managed to steal a nice gold ring from one of the spectators. This ring worth a month of drinking and whoring, he thought.
Then he remembered Nina. Promiscuous Nina. He hired her for this team, several years ago. She had nothing and he had something to offer her. She was a very talented actor, and also in bed. She was the best lover he had so far. Though she slept with other men, but Mechnar didn’t mind. He was never the “spouse” type. And he had known other women as well.
Until she got pregnant.
Now these were some tough times. Doing to shows, stealing stuff. But they still found some advantages in a pregnant girl. At this time, all other actors left and only Nina stayed with him.
Her labor time came when they were traveling by a pastoral river. They stopped and Mechnar tried helping Nina with the delivery. unfortunately , things got complicated and Nina passed away during labor. The newborn was alive, but missing a leg. Mechnar held him and thought a little while. Then he put the baby in the river and drowned him. He thought he could not manage raising a one legs baby. When the baby stopped moving, he tied a rock to his legs are dropped him there, into that tranquil river. He didn’t know if this baby was his son or not. And there was no point in lingering on it. He had to hire a new team and move on. Sometimes he wakes up at night, after dreaming it all over again, the river, the drowning. But you know, you only live once…

Session 0 weekly question

Rudolf Amery Holyamber, like all first-borns in the Holyamber bloodline, was groomed from childhood to serve the nobility of Crystalguard.
Crystalguard is the religious capital of the land. Within it lies the Cathedral of Redemption, a place of pilgrimage for thousands and thousands of believers.
The Cathedral is kind of a city within a city, with its own leadership, guard and relationship with the state.

For years, Rudolf has been serving as an assistant to Lord Hancock the Great, the city’s liaison to the Cathedral.
Lord Hancock is constantly seeking more and more control over the Cathedral.

According to Holyamber legacy, first-borns dedicate themselves entirely to the service of the city, and abstain from mating or breeding. Their siblings are in charge of continuing the bloodline.

Rudolf’s nephew looks a lot like himself.

Session 0 weekly question

For 17 days I was living on the streets of Eastport. The little, filthy alley behind a brothel in the city harbor served a temporary home to me. Madam Tamara, the owner of this fine establishment, been kind enough to feed me some leftovers remained from the feasts of her clients and didn’t expose my whereabouts to James. I was grateful to her, though I also knew this kindness stems mostly from her resentment towards the Scorpion syndicate and towards the notorious James Castell himself, who promised a generous reward for everyone who will bring information and of course will deliver me back to him. Well, Tamara had her reasons not to oblige and her brothel had earned her enough money, to avoid exposing me. I could be safe in my hiding for some time, until I’ll realize where to go next, if not Tommy. Tommy, the little street urchin, about 12 years old, who shared with me my homeless fate, Tamara’s alley and leftovers, started to give me strange, suspicious glances. I knew I no longer had the looks of Maria De Morrela, neither carried her name and yet, Tommy’s greedy, curios looks made me more anxious from day to day. Until that one hot night, I woke up from my troubled sleep to find Tommy next time, ropes in his thin hands. He was planning to sell me out. I knew it! Something snapped within me, all these nights of anxiety and fear, more than two weeks without a proper shower, feeding on leftover, turned into blind rage. I smacked the boy on his head with my fist. The next thing I remember is me on top of him and my hands squeezing his feeble neck. He didn’t struggle much, his eyes popping out, weak whimpers is all I could hear until even these stopped, while his eyes continued blankly staring at me, unblinking. I could no longer stay there. I had to run and hide.
It’s been about two years since I took his life. His dark eyes hunt me still and will probably hunt me until the rest of my days

Session 0 weekly question

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