A humanoid cat (feline-iod human?) teenager. Catlike attitude.


Online character sheet

STR [ -1 ] DEX [ +1 ] CON [ +1] INT [ 0 ] WIS [ +2 ] CHA [ -1 ]

HP [ 21 ] Armor [ 1 ] DMG [ D6 ]

Personality/Physical traits

  • I like to give tactical advice (regardless of weather it was asked for, or needed).
  • I have a very catlike attitude towards life and other humans in general (Dandial is the one exception).
  • I can appear human, but I don’t really feel comfortable like that. It feels like I’m wearing cloths that are too tight.
  • In my native form I’m a semi human-semi feline teenager.
  • No matter what shape I change too, I always seem to keep that shape of feline ears.


  1. I forgot something, and I need to remember what it is I forgot.
  2. I try to impress Dandial
  3. The spirits have warned me about a great danger that follows Maria
  4. After what i saw in the monastery and what happened to Maria, I’ve become weary and a bit suspecious of Strato and her order.

Druid FAQ


Most of my early memories are a blur. The first clear memory I have is walking around in the woods as brother Cat, and a strange lady was there, talking to me. I couldn’t really understand her. It just sounded like noises. But for some reason I knew she wasn’t prey. She was a friend.

She kept me company over the next few days always talking, and slowly over time her words started to make sense.
Somehow She knew I wasn’t just a Cat. Somehow she knew exactly what had happened to me.

Over the next few weeks She taught me how to voices. She explained that they were the spirits of the land and more importantly she taught me how to clearly communicate with them, not just stumble around mumbling incoherently in my head.

She helped me change back to my natural form. And later taught me how to explain my wants and needs to the spirits so that they allowed me to change into any forest create.
I was able to take on the form of any of the forest denizens. I could talk to brother Bear and he would give me the form of his children, or brother Cat and he would change me into any of his many different kittens – Jaguars, Panthers, Tigers.
Although for some reason, no matter which form I took I always seemed to keep the general shape of my feline ears. Seeing a bear with feline ears is somewhat funny!

The Woman spent month with me in the forest. Roaming, hunting, teaching.
Then one day I woke up and She was gone.
I searched for Her, but She was no where to be found. There weren’t even any tracks left. She was just gone.

I tried searching for everywhere, I even went so far as to leave the forest and headed over to the nearby settlement.
The people there treated me strangely. The adults gave me furtive fearful glances and the kids mocked me, calling me a freak and pelted me with rotten fruits and stones.
I tried to show them that I could look human as well. I change my form to my human looks, but that just caused them to be more afraid, and make signs against evil. They started beating me pretty badly. I became afraid that they might kill me and so I called upon the spirits for help. Brother bear lent me the form of one of his children, and I gave myself over to his essence, letting instincts take over.
I think I might have hurt some of the villagers. Maybe badly. I’m not sure, as I was lost to brother Bear. Reality snapped back into focus and I found myself back in the forest, alone bruised and bleeding.
I vowed never to leave the forest again.

I stayed there for a few a while, losing track of time. Weeks? Months? longer?

Then one day while I was flying as a sparrow I saw someone in the forest. He didn’t look human. His ears were strange, just like me! Maybe he’s like me?! I was so excited!

I decided to follow him… [ that was Dandial – to be continued]


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