Party relented information


Party XP – 7

Party items:

  • Jeweled box (used to contain Anastasia).
  • A large sum of money

A traveling troop of performers.
The troop includes

  • Maria a charming thief.
  • Kai a teenage shapeshifter who plays as various animels as needed.
  • Dandial , an elf woodsman and ranger gifted with the making of costumes and props. Guides the troop through the wilderness when needed and helps protect them on the road from bandits and monsters. .
  • Led by Mehlar Lange, a coocky swindler and shrewed businessman who has recently seen the error of hia ways and has decided to tkae up the sword in service of Strato

The troop sometimes hires local talent to augment the shows. On their latest show they hired Rudolf, a known local bard and liaison woith the church of Crystalguard


Strato's chosen yonatanph