Threshing-Floor Mountains

In the far east of the land, beyond all that’s green, lay the great Threshing-Floor Mountains. This is a vast mountain range, measuring dozens of miles in length, and as high as the clouds and more. Literally.

The ridge takes its name from the shape of its peaks.
Each of them is shaped as a perfect flat circle, just like a threshing floor.
It is as if the peaks were cut with lasers to create a perfect circular shape.

Looking from far far away, the ridge seems like a huge staircase; with each flat peaks exactly a hundred meters taller than the previous one. The staircase doesn’t appear to be natural, but no living man can tell who created it and whom did it serve.

There are 6 peaks visible from the land. Sometimes, during less cloudy days, a seventh peak can be seen. Some say man-made structures can be seen on it.

On the 12th peak, hundreds of meters above the clouds, Strato’s temple resides, and in it (or perhaps under it?) lies a gate. A gate to some other plane. Perhaps to the after life.

Threshing-Floor Mountains

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