Strato's chosen

Session 0

WTF Happened Here?

Hearing Rudolf‘s thoughts:
Oh… my… god… I can’t breathe… where are these stupid fucks?… I’ve been running my ass off for at least, well, 12 minutes. This is probably the most I ran since… ever… where are they?

Hmm… come to think about it, I can still see the cathedral’s towers from here. Maybe I didn’t run so fast after all? hey, I can actually still see Crystalguard’s watch towers and some of the outer wall… hmm. Tomorrow – diet!

Err, anyway, I must continue to find them. They left in such a hurry, it must be something interesting that they pulled.

…30 minutes later…

Yuck, what’s that smell? gives me a headache. A really bad one. Smells like… meat… roasted… OMG. Horses. Shit. This day keeps getting better.
Hey, this is their caravan… on its side… now I gotta REALLY run!

Gee… horses… I can feel my hand just like back then. Crap. Well, they do seem asleep. Or more :-). Looks safe to approach…

Guys, are you okay? WTF Happened here?
Oh man,… you… didn’t…
You didn’t take this… did you?
Or you did?!??!

… and you opened it? seriously? you guys got balls.
I knew you guys were amazing, I just didn’t know you were that stupid

Well it’s kind of exciting… but also super scary. You guys messed with EVERYONE now.

Oh, someone’s waking up here…
Hmm… wonder what can I gain from all this?!?!?

“Hey there, amazing young lady. Are you alright? What happened? Here, take a sip of water..”


סיכום מעולה של נקודת המבט של רודולף!

“I knew you guys were amazing, I just didn’t know you were that stupid”
אחד הציטוטים הטובים ביותר של הסשן XD

Session 0

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