A hedonist, opportunist, chubby fella who likes center-stage



  • I look up to Aram Lange. If I stay close to him the gods will be good to me
  • I want to meet Strato
  • Maria helped me from falling when climbing. I owe her one.


  • When running away from a bad wolf, I failed to climb a tree and he almost bit me (Aram Lange saved me)

Rudolf Amery Holyamber, like all first-borns in the Holyamber bloodline, was groomed from childhood to serve the nobility of Crystalguard.

For years, Rudolf has been serving as an assistant to Lord Hancock the Great, the city’s liaison to the Cathedral.
Lord Hancock is constantly seeking more and more control over the Cathedral.

According to Holyamber legacy, first-borns dedicate themselves entirely to the service of the city, and abstain from mating or breeding. Their siblings are in charge of continuing the bloodline.

Rudolf’s nephew looks a lot like himself.

Session 0:
“I knew you guys were amazing, I just didn’t know you were that stupid!”

Session 1:
Anastasia replaced the two fingers I lost to a horse bite
I lost my white cloak and my “virginity” to the darkness of the forest

Session 2:
I’m freakin’ scared of the forest and the outdoors in general. Aram Lange promised to protect me

Session 3/8:

Session 17/8:


Strato's chosen idotzang