Strato's chosen

Session 2

Boiling cauldron Inn

Aram put out the forest fires with the help of Kai (losing both his own sword’s edge and Dandiel’s sword when he was chopping down the burning branches).
Kai tried to scout ahead and was he was able to locate another goblin party heading to the party, on the way back he was attacked by a giant crow.
Kai tried to speak with the crow but the spirits informed him that it was not really a crow but some sort of spirit.

The party quickly left on their way to the boiling cauldron inn.
Kai tried unsuccessfully to scout, and when he failed Maria disguised herself and scouted the inn.
She found that there were 2 CrystalGaurd watchmen in the inn looking for the party. Kai was able to distract them by changing to a bear and roaring near the inn.
The guards rushed out to try and find the bears. On the way there one of the guards noticed Rudolf, who was able to fool them into leaving the area towards the south west.

The group initially wanted to try and forge the chest, kill some outlaws and plant the forged chest on their bodies to blame them. But in the end decided that would probably not work.
Instead Aram, Maria & Rudolf went down to the common room and convinced the locals that the real culprit of the chest theft was Gingis and the infamous Kerchifs gang.

In the morning the group tried to leave by boat, but the river was closed due to attacks along the river route. The group decided to try and follow the giant footprint trail instead. Dandiel was able to follow the trail to a big empty well organized camp.
Dandiel scouted around and found many conflicting trails, but surmised that the war camp left the area heading east (?).
Kai changed to a wolf and tried to follow the scent trail, but was overcome with the stench. He was able to find some goblin scouts – just as one of them shot an arrow at him! (and missed).

Kai alerted the group to the danger. Dandiel headed to the nearest shrubbery to try and get into an ambush spot, but unfortunately picked a location right beneath a giant warg.
Rudolph tried to climb the nearest try, while crying in panic. He at first failed, but when a nearby warg tried to take a bite out of his ass, he gathered his strength and made a pitiful leap to the nearest branch, the wag narrowly missing his ass, but the branch could not support his large… err… dignity.
Maria tried to perform an acrobatic feat to roll away from the wargs charging her, and promptly fell flat on her face.
Aram leaped to her defense placing himself before Maria to try to head off any warg trying to attack her, and immediately left her to fend for herself charging headlong to attack the nearest wargs.

Kai called upon the wolf spirits, howling into the night asking for aid from the nearby wolf pack.
By the time the wolf pack had arrived, all the wargs and most of the goblins were already dead. The sole survivor turn tail and ran for his life, with the wolf pack hot in pursuit.
Kai tried to take control of the pack, asserting his dominance over them. The Alpha male wasn’t very impressed with this attempted and growled at Kai who immediately lowered his tail and started whimpering in fear. The Alpha male then turned to the fleeing goblin and started making little goblin kibble from him. There was a lot of blood and screaming and some very satisfied wolfs.
Kai in the mean time slinked his way back to the rest of the group.

  • Guys feel free to add/fix any details i might have forgotten or got wrong along the way.


  • We learned about new cities – Westport, Scarport
  • We learned about famous criminal gangs of Gingis and the kerchiefs.
  • We learned about the heretical church to the north east of CrystalGaurd
  • No bonds were resolved.
  • Kai shamefully failed to take control of the wolf pack, leaning that in the future he would be better off trying to beg for the Alpha’s male help and support and not try to be the alpha male.
Session 2

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